Hyperloop Technology

MID design and deveop new technology for the 5th generation of transportation called Hyperloop. This is an initiative created by Tesla founder Mr. Elon Musk to change the way we move people and goods around the globe, making it safer, faster, less costly and more environmental friendly.

MID take part in this movement conducting R&D to develop new high-tech products for the Hyperloop Ecosystem.

One of our main activities is the development of a POD for transportation of salmon and fish. We have vast experience in developing logistic systems for transportation and distribution of salmon, and see that Hyperloop will change the way salmon and fish will be distributed physically in the future.

The Norwegian government aim to increase our salmon production 5 times compared to present volumes. This will create a huge transportation challenge. We think Hyperloop will be part of the solution for that. More info about the project will follow.