Getting ready for breakfast meeting with Y.Co #Clearwater.

Excited to meet Emily Penn and the Y.Co team to learn about

their efforts to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean.


Mission accomplished! We did it! Historic meeting with Emily Penn onboard

the Superyacht 85.5M Illusion Plus. Learned a lot about her eXXpedition project.

Many thanks to the wonderful host Y.Co. 

Another historic meeting in my career. Here Ove Aspen

(president of O.J. Aspen Oil Ltd.) and I met Norway's famous

yacht designer Espen Øino in his office at the Yacht Club.

In the background a model of explorer yacht REV,

his project for billionaire Mr. Kjell Inge Røkke 

UIM has been part of our yearly events at Offshore Class 1.

We took a status meeting while in Monaco. Her we are with the

head of office Chantal Mercadier. Great constructive meeting! 

The highlight of the Monaco Yacht Show 2018 was the B2B event

at Club 39 Montecarlo organised by Investor Media. Here we are at their

beautiful terrace close to the Meridian hotel. We thank our wonderful

hosts for a fantastice evening with great food and drinks, entertainment

and networking!

At Investor Media's B2B event we met the owners of Cairoli Luxury Service

Tricia and Raffaelo. Many thanks for the help and assistance

in 2018. We are looking forward to 2019! :-)

We had lots of fun at the Monaco Yacht Show, and met many famous people.

Her I am with the guys from the awesome Red Arrows pilot team. 

The Wine Gallery at the Yacht Club was one of our favourites.

Here we enjoy the wonderful weather at the venue. What an

awesome week. Many thanks to the organisers and 

the government of Monaco for giving us excellent service!