We love to compete, and use racing as our platform to improve our performance and results. We can offer various soultions, services and products to the racing market.

We use sport marketing to create global awareness for our brand, and Formula 1, Offshore Class 1 and Superboat are our chosen racing arenas. For these sports we develop advanced high performance technology.

Are you looking for an opportunity to grow your sales or solve problems through innovation? Then our sport marketing activities and the process to develop our high performance catamaran model MID44-C1 might be THE SOLUTION for you!  

Our development project is a perfect platform for innovation and marketing. We work together with our clients and vendors in well defined innovation projects. Through the processes we develop ideas and solve problems for the client, adding value to their value chain. The outcome is new products, increased sales, brand awareness and growth.

Have a problem that needs to be solved? We welcome leading companies of the world to join our team and become our technology and marketing partner. 

To strengthen our market footprint, and grow team and competency we have established a cooperation with RS Simulation from Monaco. RS Simulation have vast experience from professional racing, and we now provide professional race training, mentoring and events at their simulator facility in Monaco. Check it out here: RS Simulation Center

To the right is a video of their product Sector One. A brand new low-cost simulator targeting the consumer market. We distribute the product in Norway.