Investor Relations

MID is a naval architect- and marine engineering growth company. Our business areas are
  • high speed craft
  • merchant shipping
  • energy and infrastructure
  • maritime media
We have an experienced board and management team, and aim to become the industry leader in our market segments.

The company's home market is Norway. Norway has a large oil and gas industry and is the leading shipping nation in the world. Norway has a strong financing sector with world class expertise and financing structures for shipping and the oil and gas industry. For foreign investors the company may be an interesting hub into the Norwegian market.

To grow the company we currently plan private placements in our subsidiaries.

The projects target investors looking for investment opportunities within
- sports promotion
- infrastructure
- maritime engineering

Our focus for Q3/Q4 is a new ICT company. It's core business is consulting services, IT solutions and courses for the maritime industry. More information about this offer will follow.