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Welcome to our courses section!  

The photos below are taken onboard the 85m Superyacht Illusion Plus during Emily Penn's breakfast meeting at Monaco Yacht Show 2018, organised by Y.Co. We had a great time and learned a lot about her research on plastic pollution in the sea. The Q&A session lead us into many interesting, challenging topics to follow up on, and now we invite you to participate in the process.


We plan a series of workshops and events focusing on CSR, technology development and problem solving. 

Norway has a growing Superyacht industry, lead by top competent shipyards such as Vard and Kleven, world-class ship equipment manufacturers such as Brunvoll and Kongsberg, and world leading classification society and R&D organisations like DNVGL, SINTEF Ocean and NTNU.  

We have a top competent team with vast experience from the marine industry, finance and management, and have been organising events at Offshore Class 1 World Championship and other arenas since 2004. 

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