Drøbak Poker Run
We're planning a new poker run.  The event will take place in the inner Oslofjord, between Tjuvholmen, Oslo area and the beautiful "summer-town" Drøbak, 30km south of Oslo.

Vi holder for tiden på med et pilotprosjekt hvor målet er å arrangere et årlig poker run, mellom Tjuvholmen i Oslo og Drøbak, en koselig liten sommerby 30km sør for Oslo. Har du lyst til å delta?  Fine premier å vinne! 
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We offer exciting B2B events. Every year we participate at Monaco Yacht Show. Monday and Tuesday before the exhibition our partner Investor Media have networking events at

We conduct a financial update for Family Office representatives. In 2019 Samurai Toshio Masuda did a great business lecture at Hotel de Paris.  Join us to get valuable insight in market fundamentals during the current volatile market times, social activities and networking.  

Pls contact us for program details.

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We produce B2B events at great powerboat races such as Superboat, Class 1, Xcat, F1 and F2. The races are full of action, and fun! It is a great place to meet new clients and promote your brand. If you need international marketing our events is an interesting channel for your company. 

We have organised very successful events in Norway since 2004. Arendal - the "St. Tropez of the Nordic countries" - is a famous race track and our favourite event destination in Norway. Click on the historic clip to the right and listen to what the famous race pilot Abdullah al-Sulaiti has to say about racing in Norway and Arendal. (Reporter: Ida Blomén)

Corporporate Social Responsibility is one of our key values. Every year we support and conduct a CSR event. We have done this for many years, amongst others in cooperation with Tekna, TV-aksjonen, Sandefjord Museum, Norsk Dansehøyskole, etc.

The judge panel

Shift Hyperloop pitching

We are represented at the best maritime exhibitions. In Norway you may visit us at Nor-Shipping , and Oslo boatshow. Make sure to book a meeting with us in advance.



Invest in your key personell, and join our team-building events at poker runs in Florida, USA. We organise the events in cooperation with Florida Powerboat Club. FPC is the best and most well-known Poker Run organiser. Get more info here:  Florida Powerboat Club Call us today and join the best team-building experience ever!

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Monaco Yacht Show 2022.  
Monaco Yacht Show will take part in September 2022. The event is targeted for industry professionals who want an update on the Superyacht market, and learn more about Superyacht financing.

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Norwegian Grand Prix

In 2019 we did China Entry Challenge, a start-up competition for companies entering the Chinese market. It was held at DIGS in Trondheim, Norway. We sponsored and organised this event in cooperation with entrepreneur students from NTNU, China Start, DIGS, and Investinor.

CEC19 organised at DIGS 

Magnus Arveng, co-founder of Ntention, 
entrepreneur student NTNU and co-organiser of
the event.